• Christopher Shepherd

    Husband, Mariner, Crabber, Software Developer

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    Zissou Point

    I ride my bicycle around the island a lot, usually to the tune of a few thousand miles per year. I've been developing software and building computer networks for a few decades, and I've evolved a mobile office that extends as far as five nautical miles out to sea, to serve clients in various time zones.

    Some of the technologies I develop for include Ruby On Rails, PHP/Zend Framework, iOS/Objective-C, and Johnson/OMC outboard engines. I give clients my very best, without distraction, on a rigid schedule, so that I can do the same with my wife and furry family for the rest of the time.

    I am powered by sunlight, crabs, and coconut water.

    I was born in Kansas.

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  • The Fleet

    Villa Villekula is a 17-foot Angler skiff, powered by an 88HP 2-stroke Johnson/OMC Outboard. She runs in about a foot of water and does about 19-20kts.

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    Christopher Shepherd

    Cedar Keys, FL

    E-mail: chris@belgo.com

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